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Cemetery Name:

Long Hollow Church

No photos available at this time

County: Jackson
USGS Quad: Elmwood
Coordinates: near 38.7445N  81.7995W
Maintained by: not maintained
Land owner: unknown
Date added to WVCPA register: January 2008
Condition of cemetery**: Abandoned (May 2007)
Accessibility: Not easily accessible - on the hillside above the old Long Hollow Church in a remote section of western Jackson County near the Mason County line. Accessible only on foot or 4-wheeler to the church, then only on foot up the hill to the cemetery. 

** Condition of cemetery as observed on the given date -
may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned


Last Name: First Name:






Fox Arnold Lee     [Son of Lee & Bertha Thornton Fox]   Source: WVCPA research
Fox Leroy         Source: WVCPA research
Hysell Alice         Source: WVCPA research
Kay Edna L. Woodall abt 1898 1988 [Dau. of William & Willie Woodall, and wife of John R. Kay, who is buried at nearby Foster Chapel]   Source: WVCPA research
Lathey Mary     [Daughter of Myrtle Smith Lathey]   Source: WVCPA research
Lathey Emily Ward November 1852   [Wife of Joseph M. Lathey]   Source: WVCPA research
Lathey Myrtle Smith         Source: WVCPA research
Norris Malinda Martin     [Wife of Cornelius Norris]   Source: WVCPA research
Whaley Infant child     [Child of John Whaley]   Source: WVCPA research
Whaley Infant child     [Child of John Whaley]   Source: WVCPA research
Woodall Bertha     [Daughter of William & Willie Woodall]   Source: WVCPA research
Woodall Infant son     [Son of James Boyd & Viva Norris Woodall]   Source: WVCPA research
Woodall James         Source: WVCPA research
Woodall Mary Jeffries 18 January 1835 30 January 1917 [Wife of Obediah Woodall]   Source: WVCPA research
Woodall Obediah 9 November 1837 17 September 1924 [He and his wife Mary gave the land for Long Hollow Church]   Source: WVCPA research
Woodall Willa E. French     [Wife of William R. Woodall - William, the son of Obediah & Mary Woodall, is buried at Leon Cemetery]   Source: WVCPA research


Comments: Dates or information in Red type from research on the individual, dates based on age at death as indicated on the tombstone.

Last read in late 1989 by Georgia Grady and published in 1990 in "Jackson County West Virginia Past and Present" on page 46. Photos are needed of this cemetery, as well as a more detailed reading of the tombstone inscriptions. If you are able to help out, please contact WVCPA by email.

To see photos, old and new, of the Long Hollow Baptist Church, visit the WVCPA page for the church by clicking here.

If you know of the names and birth/death dates of family members that are buried in this cemetery but not listed above, we will gladly add them to this list. Simply email WVCPA with the information. 

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 Updated: 07 September 2012