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Warner Family

Warner Family Cemetery, Mason Co., West Virginia

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County: Mason
USGS Quad: Elmwood
Coordinates: near 38.6883N  -81.8414W
Maintained by: not maintained
Land owner: Casto family
Date added to WVCPA register: September  2007
Condition of cemetery**: Abandoned (September 2007)
Accessibility: The cemetery is located on the hill behind the old Hulbert home (now the Casto home) at Tribble. The original log home of Boudridge and Susanna was located just below the cemetery. Contact the Casto's (Frances or her son across the road) before climbing the hill to the cemetery.

** Condition of cemetery as observed on the given date -
may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned


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Dean Kate       Click on camera icon to view a photo of the tombstone Source: WVCPA research
Warner Boudridge 1792 18??     Source: WVCPA research
Warner Susanna Hill 1792 1865     Source: WVCPA research
Possible Burials:
Warner Susan E. 8 May 1860 28 September 1865 [Perhaps buried at nearby Warner Chapel Cemetery - no marker identified at either cemetery - uncertain as to exactly where she was buried]   Source: WVCPA research


Comments: Dates in Red are not inscribed on the tombstone and have either been calculated based on death date or are as a result of research on the individual.

When WVCPA contributors Lisa and Gary Davis visited the cemetery in September 2007, two large tombstones were identified (though fallen over on their faces, so could not be read), as well as a small, infant-sized stone leaning up against a tree inscribed "K.D.", as seen in the photo at the top of this page. WVCPA volunteers will be returning to the cemetery to try and dig out the larger stones to positively identify them and will be reporting their findings to us for posting on this page. Further attempts at preserving this little family cemetery from further destruction are open to possibilities. Contact WVCPA at if you'd be interested in helping out.

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 Updated: 07 September 2012