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Road leading up to Ridgway Cemetery in Preston Co.
Ridgway Cemetery in Preston Co., WV

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County: Preston
USGS Quad: Colebank
Coordinates: 39.2413N  -79.8333W
Maintained by: Donald and Sue Bowman
Land owner: Unknown
Date added to WVCPA register: March 2006
Condition of cemetery**: Excellent (March 2006)
Accessibility: This cemetery is located on the mountain above Colebank, WV.  To get to it, there is a road that reportedly can be driven up to the cemetery, but it is unknown just how accessible that road is under varying weather conditions.  For further information regarding this cemetery, please contact the current Cemetery Trustees at the address indicated at the bottom of the "Comments" section on this page.  Hopefully, we'll have more information posted here soon!
** Condition of cemetery as observed on the given date -
may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

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Dates in Red are not inscribed on the tombstone and have either been calculated based on death date or are as a result of research on the individual.

No reading completed at this time - volunteer needed to gather burial roster and photos - contact WVCPA if you can help!

From contributor Robert Rosier:

"Many of the early Rosiers are buried at the Ridgway Cemetery located on the mountain above Colebank, WV (Lat. 39 14' 29" N, Long. 79 50' 37" W). The cemetery was established on May 27, 1890 by Allen Ridgway and his wife Harriet when they conveyed about 1/2 acre and a right of way. The first trustees in 1890 were W.S. Rosar (Rosier), P.E. Will, and C.C. Rosar (Rosier). One must cross a large field, then hike up the side of a mountain to access it. Bodies were taken up the mountain by horse and sled. There is an old stone foundation thought to have belonged to a church, but was found to be instead a building that stood in the cemetery yard. The bottom portion of the cemetery has many Rosier graves, and it is now maintained due to some enterprising locals. The road has been improved so that you can now drive up the hill to the grave sites. There is a "Gathering/Fund Raising" at the site every year on the third Sunday in August. The cemetery was part of a larger track of land owned by the Millers, and was not being maintained. Because of efforts by these locals, the cemetery portion plus some additional acreage was set aside as a cemetery.
The Ridgway Cemetery Trustees are presently Donald and Sue Bowman, Rt# 2, Box 119, Moatsville, WV 26405-9701"   (in email from R. Rosier, March 12, 2006)

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