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Church Name: Mt. Moriah Church

Date Congregation Founded:
Date Present Church Building Built:

County: Jackson Founding Denomination: United Brethren in Christ
USGS Quad: Ripley Condition of church building/grounds**: Good (April 2004)
Coordinates: 38.7882ºN  81.7652ºW Preservation Outlook: Good
Maintained by: Unknown Construction: Stick frame
Property owner:   Unknown
Date added to WVCPA register: October 2003  Data Updated: 07 September 2012
Accessibility: Easily accessible - located on a knoll overlooking the Parchment Valley.  Good, solid driveway area by church to park and turn around on. Use caution exiting from church driveway, as it sits on a blind curve from both directions.

** Condition of church building and grounds as observed on the given date - may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

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“The Mt. Moriah Church sits on a hill, overlooking beautiful Parchment Valley.
The church now stands on a lot that was deeded May 16, 1891, for the sum of $15.00, paid in hand, by S.J. Lewis, R.W.Scott and G.L. Stone, trustees, for and on the behalf of the church of the United Brethren in Christ, by the late Frank Sayre and his wife, Belle Sayre. This Church is never to be sold, as long as it is used for a meeting place. This Church was built in 1896.  The former log Church stood down in the lower section of the cemetery...

Some of the older families that attended Church at Mt. Moriah were the Stones, Stewarts, Scotts, Freys, Parsons, Lewis’s, Hogsetts, Sayres, Castos, Woodards, Winders, Morrisons, 
Harts and Kessells to name a few...
In April 1887, the Superintendent of Sunday School was G.M. Morrison, the Assistant Superintendent was T.J. Rankin, the Secretary was N.M. Stewart and the Treasurer a Miss Williams.

      'Sunday School on Sunday, May 8, 1892: Song, Walking in the Light; Prayer by N.M. Stewart; Total Attendance, 35; Collection, 55 cents.  The weather was fair."

We still have Sunday School at Mt. Moriah.  The attendance is small, but from the first Sunday in April until December we gather at the little Church on the hill to have Sunday School.  The reason for closing in the winter months is due to the lack of good heating.”

Mt. Moriah Church, Jackson County, WV

Mt. Moriah Church, Jackson County, WV

Mt. Moriah Church, Jackson County, WV
   Mt. Moriah Church, Jackson County, WV    Mt. Moriah Church, Jackson County, WV    Mt. Moriah Church, Jackson County, WV

"In 1864, the Mt. Moriah United Brethren Church acquired land from William Cunningham and his wife, Elizabeth. Trustees were Joseph Sayre, Elias Stone, Elisha Stewart, William Cunningham and Frederick Stone.  The land “Joined the road from Angerona to the Parchment Fork of Mill Creek…”  
The deed also provided for a “good school house for the use of the neighborhood” 
to be built on the same land.

The original furniture in the Mr. Moriah Church was all hand-planed.
The seats in the rear were elevated.

A few of the older citizens buried in the adjoining cemetery and their birth dates are as follows: William Morrison, b. 1790; Solomon Harpold, b. 1796; Able Sayre, b. 1793; Susanna Parsons, b. 1800; Ruth Sayre, b. 1802; Eliza Morrison, b. 1805; William Parsons, b. 1806; Elisha Stewart, b. 1810; James Davis, b. 1816; and W.K. Oldham and C.R. Casto, born in the 1820’s."²

Mt. Moriah Church, Jackson County, WV

Mt. Moriah Church, Jackson County, WV

¹Quoted from a submission by local historian Mrs. Stewart (Virginia) Sayre in "Jackson County West Virginia Past and Present 1990", page 48, published by the Jackson County Historical Society

²From the Jackson Herald, May 27, 1981

Additional background research in progress. Contributions of historical accounts of this church are welcomed.

For additional information about the three crosses planted at the bottom of the cemetery, see www.crossesacrossamerica.com 


We would love to add old photos of this church.  Does anyone have any more history of this congregation to share, or any information on its present status, ownership and use? Photos from the inside of the church?? Contact us at .

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