Historic Church - Research in progress

Church Name: Rader Church

Date Founded:

County: Jackson Founding Denomination: Lutheran?
USGS Quad: Gay Condition of church building/grounds**: Poor (June 2004)
Coordinates: 38.7921N  81.6013W Preservation Outlook: Endangered - being allowed to deteriorate
Maintained by: Not maintained Construction: Stick frame
Property owner:  Unknown
Date added to WVCPA register: 30 June 2004  Data Updated: 07 September 2012
Accessibility: Poor. Access by foot only through heavy underbrush and up steep embankment. The church is located east of Ripley off Rt. 33, just over 2 miles down CR 26 from the junction to Rt. 33 along the banks of Elk Fork and Welch Run. There is a wide gravel road leading off the maid road the short distance to the church drive, which winds up the hillside to the left as you turn off CR 26. The road (more of a pathway now, from lack of use) is generally kept gated and locked. 

** Condition of church building and grounds as observed on the given date - may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

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As viewed from the path up from the main road
The church as viewed from the path about half way up from the main road

 Further details of this church and it's congregation are being researched.
If you have any information to contribute to the documentation of this
historic church of Jackson County, please contact WVCPA.

The back side of the church
The back side of the church - from this angle, Elk Fork runs off to the right down in the valley

      The last pew - looking out the window 

<< What remains of the interior of the church - still a fairly solid floor in
     places, with the sloped portions for the back pews.  The lumber you
     see to the left is the remains of pews that have been broken up,
     apparently for firewood.


The church appears to have been used as a temporary camp of sorts. >>
 There were no indications of negligent campfires being lit, but that is a     
 real danger in such a condition as this is.     

The front of the church - now sporting mattresses instead of pews

The church ceiling

<< The ceiling has broken through in one section - it is unclear how that
     happened, although the hole is immediately below the steeple which
     likely held a bell at one time.  The support for the bell may have 
     failed, and the bell is long gone.


Research on this church is in progress

We would love to add old photos of this church.  Does anyone have any more history of this congregation to share, or any information on its present status, ownership and use? Photos from the inside of the church in years past?? Contact WVCPA by email or post with details.

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 Updated: 07 September 2012